A tight-knit community for 1x founders figuring out the next step in their journey.

*Limited spots available

❤️ from the community


Why should you join?

- Peer-to-peer learning.
- Accountability.
- A judgement free zone to brainstorm startup ideas.
- Get first-hand feedback from experienced founders.
- Share and grow together.

What's the criteria?

- You have previously built and/or sold a startup before.
- You raised VC of $1M min or bootstrapped to $1K MRR min.
- You currently should have an idea in execution - landing page or MVP.

How many spots are available?

We prefer quality over quantity. So for now we are starting with 10 spots. This may change based on how the community operates and functions.

How it works?

- Join bi-weekly showcase sessions where you can present your WIP idea in front of a judge panel for feedback.
- The panel is chosen from the community.
- Keep in touch with fellows via Slack channels

What's the expectation?

- Meet once in 2 weeks for 30mins or less for Showcase sessions.
- Engage in slack with fellows when you are available.
- Attend sessions that piques your interest.
- Low commitment + high value.

Who is building this community?

Sharath is a 1x founder who built and sold a SaaS product. He shipped 15+ side projects and won Product Hunt’s prestigious Maker Grant Award while hustling as a startup operator for brands like Product Hunt and On Deck. Currently he is the Head of Community at Threado and unpacks underdog stories via his podcast.

Who is this for?

- Founders who raised VC.
- Bootstrappers.
- VCs turned founders.
- Creators turned founders.
- Anyone with a builder muscle and mindset

Is this gated community?

Yes, it is an invite-only community hosted on Slack. Invites will be sent if you are eligible.

Is there a membership fee?

No. It is completely free. While we think community works with people putting $$$ and skin in the game. At this moment, we plan not to monetize. This might change in the future.

Join us to take your next step to the next level.